Review of the 5 Best Night Lights

Best Night Lights Review

A ‘night light’ refers to a small light fixture that will provide you with soft illumination at night, or in darkened rooms. It can be placed on your night table, or on the wall, with a light that is not too bright that it will affect your eyes or sleep.


For parents with breastfeeding babies, a nightlight will help you see your baby at night, change them and even breastfeed them easily. For small children who are afraid of the night, a nightlight helps them sleep soundly without feeling frightened of the darkness.


Therefore, nightlights are essential accessories in most homes. When you turn off the great lights, you can actually set a romantic mood with its soft lighting. Some people will actually need a nightlight to be able to sleep through the night.


We can also say that a nightlight will provide a smooth atmosphere that is perfect for babies, as it helps them feel calm, reassured and rested.


Before we look at the top 5 night lights that we have chosen for you, let us see what you are likely to find if you decide to buy a nightlight.

Plug-in fixtures: these are the kind that requires an electric outlet in order for them to produce light. They are ideal for hallways, and rooms where the electrical outlet is far from your bed.


Projectors: these are very beautiful. They do not produce a soft light that is concentrated on one area but rather projects images on walls and ceilings. Some even play music and are very colorful for your living room.


Portable nightlights: these are easy to carry from one place to another. They are also handheld, which makes it easy for you to use them inside your covers as you read at night when you do not want to disturb your partner. Be careful, however, not to sleep with them.


Toys: you will find some nightlight designed as toys, stuffed animals, dolls, and many other toy designs. This makes them ideal for your kids’ room, and they even come with funny stickers just to cheer up your baby as they sleep.


Tabletop: these will rest on a flat surface freely near your bed. Some are standalone, while others will look just like your table.


Whichever one you choose, make sure it will represent your style.


Review of the 5 Best Night Lights



Emotionlite Plug-in Night Light, Warm White LED Nightlight:

This is a beautiful warm LED nightlight that is ideal for both adults, toddlers, and teenagers. You can also use it in the bathroom, the bedroom or your living room.


It gives a white glow that is comfortable, calming and gentle. This means that it is not too dim, nor is it too bright. It is easy on the eyes and does not disturb your sleep. When it is dark, it will provide you with an ambient light that will illuminate your pathway perfectly.


The sensor is automatic, with a built-in intelligence that turns it on and off. At dust, it will come on, and at dawn, it goes off. It will also only turn on when it is dark in your room. This is ideal for a kid’s room, to ensure they do not get scared at night.


The design is compact and ultra slim, with a flat panel design that fits perfectly on your wall. It also does not stick out and interfere with the décor in a room. If anything, it enhances the beauty. It requires an outlet, so be sure to fix it near one.


It has a long lifespan and battery life. The 0.3 LED light lasts up to 50,000 hours and does not require any bulb replacements. This saves money on energy requirements, and significantly reduces your power bills. You should actually be able to use 4 packs for a whole year.



  • Input:  120 VACS,60Hz
  • Power Consumption:  0.5W (Max.)
  • illuminate: 6 ~ 8 lumens
  • Color Temperature:  2700K Warm White
  • Sensor Mode:  <10 lux light on, >10 lux light off
  • IP Classify: IP 20, Indoor Use only
  • Dimension:  75 x 34 x 72 mm
  • Set of Pack:   4 pcs



  • Highly durable
  • Long battery life – this can last up to 50,000 hours.
  • Compact and slim enough and does not affect your house décor.
  • Saves you money as it reduces your power consumption.
  • Will give you enough illumination at night.
  • Can be used in almost all areas of your home.



  • They may be a little bright for the bedroom.



VAVA Night Lights for Kids



This is a beautiful light that is ideal for your kid’s room. It comes with some beautiful expression stickers that your kids can play and decorate the light with, and 20 facial expressions that will slowly turn it into your kids’ favorite play toy. This brings a sense of creativity and fun for the kids’ room.


The bulb is LED, which makes it eye-caring and energy-efficient. It is also a non-flickering light, that will not affect your eyes. The color is adjustable, and you can choose between a warm white and a cool white.


There are some easy to touch controls that are ideal for children. You simply need to touch the top to dim it or touch the logo so you can adjust the color, or simply double tap the top of the lamp to put it off completely.


With up to 80 hours of light time, it is the perfect companion for your kids, and it will help them feel safe at night. New moms who are breastfeeding can also enjoy its use due to its simplicity, and the colors may be fun for a newborn.


It is IP65 waterproof, which means that you can take it to the outdoors, especially when camping, and if it rains, you know you are covered, as it cannot be destroyed. Your kids will enjoy telling stories at night in the camp with this handheld and beautiful light.


The fact that it is handheld makes it ideal for some late-night reading, without disturbing anyone. Adults can use it too if you do not want to wake up your partner at night.



  • Ideal for a baby’s room.
  • Creative and fun for the kids.
  • Handheld and can be used while studying at night.
  • Easy to use.
  • Waterproof and can be used in the outdoors.



  • A little smaller than expected.



Sycees SC01 Plug-in LED Night Light 



The Sycees SC01 comes with a sensor for dusk and dawn, and it is ideal for darkened hallways, the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the stairs, etc.


It is a beautiful night light, that is affixed to the wall, plus it is bright enough to allow you to see where you are going. You need not turn on the main lights. It will illuminate your hallways and other rooms in a beautiful way, making it perfect for your home.


It is a perfect light for use in your bedroom and it will help set a romantic mood. You also do not need too much light at night, because it can interfere with your sleep, and so this is one of the best lights to use.


For the kids’ room, you can use it as well, because it is not too bright. Breastfeeding babies are normally affected by too many distractions, and this light comes in handy, to ensure that even feeding times are less distracting to them. When you put on the main lights, you may frighten them, and cause them to become distracted from their precious sleep.


This is an important light to have in every household, plus, it is energy saving as well, and will cost you very little to operate it for a whole year, compared to your main lights. With a rating of 4.7/5, this is surely a great light to have in your home.



  • Very simple and lightweight.
  • Gives enough illumination for darkened halls.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Very beautiful especially at night.
  • Has automatic sensors.



  • A little dim for very dark rooms.


eufy Lumi Night Light:

The eufy Lumi is a beautiful and portable night light, which provides just the right amount of illumination to help you see in the dark. It is glare free and does not affect your eyesight nor your sleep.


The automatic illumination will come on when it is dusk and go off when dawn arrives. This saves you a lot of energy since it does not light unnecessarily. For most people, they claim that this light will cost you less than 30 cents a year to operate.


What is most beautiful about the poufy Lumi plug-in nightlight is the fact that it will illuminate only what you need to see. If it is on a corridor, it will guide you slowly, without making a big fuss about it, especially at night.


Waking up to use the bathroom is now easier, because with this light, your sleep remains intact, and you shall not be distracted by the glare of the main light, which can even interfere with your sleep and cause you to have a sleepless night.


You can easily plug it into your hallway outlet, it is that easy. You need not look for a professional electrician to come help you plug it in, plus, it is very compact so, it will not obstruct the second outlet.



  • Provides just the right amount of light at night.
  • Glare-free, so it will not affect your eyes.
  • Energy saving, and cost very little per year.
  • The very compact design which will not obstruct other outlets.



  • A little too bright for your bedroom.

Maxxima MLN-16 LED Plug-in Night Light

The Maxxima company is well known and respected when it comes to nightlights, so you can never go wrong with one of their products.


That being said, the MLN-16 LED is one of the best nightlights to use in your home. It comes with LED bulbs and gives out a warm beautiful illumination for your home. With active dusk to dawn sensors, it covers you well, so you do not have accidents at night.


The bulbs are highly durable and energy efficient, which means that it will cost you a lot less to operate in a whole year, compared to the main lights. This is perfect for someone that wants to save some cash, as most customers claim that you can actually spend less than $1 per year.


This light has a beautiful and compact design, that is ideal for bedrooms if you want to set a nice mood for you and your partner, or for illuminating the bathrooms, the hallways, the kitchen at night, and even the kids’ room.


Breastfeeding mothers will greatly appreciate this night light, as it is not too bright, as to cause a distraction to your baby’s sleep, and it is not too dim, that you cannot be able to change your child. It will help you carry out all of your nightly jobs stress-free, and the beauty of it all is; your baby will get right back to sleep.


It is approved by ETL, so you know it meets all of the standards necessary, plus it will come with 4 lights, to cover you for a long period of time.


With 4.4/5 stars, this is a good light to have in your home. Most customers endorse it and call it one of the best.



  • Ideal for most rooms in the house.
  • Comes with LED bulbs that are energy-savers.
  • Has automatic sensors to help with on and off.
  • Provides just the right amount of illumination.
  • Approved by ETL.
  • Very reasonably priced.



  • A little too dim for long hallways.



Some Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the nightlight last?

The durability of the nightlight is very important, as this is a fixture that you do not wish to keep buying year after year. You need one to last a long period of time.


The average length of time for the night light is 7-10 years. The price and durability normally go together. Those with a short lifespan are normally cheaper, while the fairly priced or more expensive nightlights tend to last a little while longer.


Look at the warranty carefully as this will give a good indication of how long the nightlight will last.


Does it require an outlet?

Be sure to check the configurations of your house and where the outlets are located, because most nightlights will require an outlet. You must also consider that; if the outlet is too near your child’s bed, it may pose a fire risk, so look for a nightlight that is battery operated.


What type of sensor does it use?

Nightlights can either be manually operated or automatic. A manual nightlight is one that will require you to switch it on and off, depending on the time of day, while the automatic ones will turn themselves on and off.


The automatic nightlights are ideal since they can even detect when someone enters the room, and they stay on, but when you leave the room they go off. For a child’s room, these would be most beneficial, but your choice of sensor solely depends on the room you shall use your nightlight in.


If you shall use it in the living room, then a manual one is ideal, while for the bedroom, an automatic nightlight sensor will work best.


Is it bed-friendly?

Some nightlights will allow your kids to have them on the bed without necessarily causing a danger to them, while others that need outlets may not be safe for your kids.


What type of light does it emit?

You shall find that some nightlights emit either blue, white or red lights. The blue and white are very common, but be wary of these, as they can interfere with your child’s melatonin production. If the nightlight is for your baby’s room, then opt for a red-light one.


Night Light Buying Guide

Now, not all the night lights on the market are good. You need to be careful while buying them and the following factors can help you decide on which is best.



This is an important factor to consider, as most nightlights are inexpensive. You may, however, find some designer ones that will cost you a lot more than you had anticipated. The most important thing to consider is your budget because you can actually find some great nightlights that are reasonably priced.


The type of Bulb used by the nightlight:

In this day and era, we all understand why LED lights are the best. While they may be expensive, they are safe and efficient. The CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs may be cheaper, but they are not as efficient, and they carry a burn risk.

When buying a nightlight, the best option, therefore, would be the LED lights, or you can also buy the Electroluminescent nightlights which do not contain any bulbs, are inexpensive and may be a good compromise for most people.


Size and dimensions:

Most nightlights are beautifully designed and can help enhance the décor of your house. However, you need to choose one that is suitable for the room you wish to put it in. The length, height and width of the nightlight you have chosen will help determine if you shall keep it in the bedroom or living room, or your baby’s room.


You should also consider the weight of the nightlight and the shape.


Benefits of a Night Light

A few of the other benefits you shall experience with a nightlight are;


Minimal sleep disruption: If you wake up frequently in the middle of the night, a bright light may cause your sleep to disappear completely, and even affect your eyes, while a soft light will create a soothing environment for you or your child to easily get back to sleep.


Better visibility: your child’s room may be cluttered with toys and other sharp objects that may hurt you and your child after turning off the main lights. The nightlights ensure the rooms are always illuminated, so everyone can be able to see clearly and avoid accidents.


Stress relief: Kids often experience separation anxiety and fears at night. Nightlights helps to alleviate this anxiety and stress.


Safety Concerns and Tips

Now, nightlights are great to use in your homes, but one thing you must bear in mind is the safety concerns and tips.

A huge percentage of all the nightlights which are bought may be recalled due to safety risks, and the NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) has summarized the following as the main safety concerns.


Fire risk: Nightlights that use Incandescent or CFL lights are known to generate a huge amount of heat, which can cause them to melt and catch fire. Although this is rare, you should consider implementing the following rules while using nightlights;

  • Make sure they do not physically touch your bed, curtains or other materials that are combustible.
  • Never cover them with a material that can catch fire easily.
  • Use low-wattage bulbs.


Poisoning: Some nightlights emit methylene chloride, which is a paint stripper chemical, that can be fatal if inhaled. To protect against this, ensure that the nightlight is disposed of immediately in case it breaks.

Other than that, we have listed a few of the benefits that you shall encounter if you use a night light in your home, and the truth of the matter is; the benefits outweigh the cons in this case. Every home needs a nightlight.


Conclusion on the Best Night Light:

As mentioned earlier, when buying a night light, the best one to use is a red light. The white and blue lights have been known to cause a few health hazards. The best from our list has got to be the Maxxima MLN-16 LED Plug-in Night Light.


This light comes with excellent recommendations from customers and is sure to turn your hallways into safe zones for you to venture in to at night when you are full of sleep. They are also inexpensive and highly durable, so you can go ahead and give them a try.